You don't have to live like a refugee...

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You don't have to live like a refugee...

Post by Hollis »

Hey there, hi there, ho there
I'm as happy as can be...

Just a quick note to my fellow refugees to let them know that I made it here unmolested. I hope that someone remembered to invite c'scope, stoneyburke and bartlett to join in the festivities! This site will be so dull without them! Nothing to talk about but movies and movie making. Now where's the fun in that? All kidding aside, a huge thank you to Jon for creating this site and to the moderators for their time (even though they're making the "BIG BUCKS" and not being altruistic and volunteering their efforts!) I'm once again looking forward to my "continuing education" course in Film Study.
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Pack Up Your Old Kit Bag and :) :) :)

Post by Sue Sue Applegate »

Glad you're here, Hollis. Hope I can still leave the "n" out of your name!

I am very glad to be aqui. I don't miss the twins following me around at all!
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Post by pktrekgirl »

Glad you made it here! :)
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Welcome Hollis!

Post by moira finnie »

Open the Champagne, guys! Hollis is here. Welcome and thanks for dropping by.
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Post by Shonna »

Hi Alabama! :D I'm so happy you've jumped ship!!!
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Do Rats Swim?

Post by Hollis »

Hi Shonna,

Thanks! Yeah, Like any old rat deserting a sinking ship! I found may way to this desert isle, where Gilligan, the Skipper, too... Oh wait, wrong show! I've been here a while now, and I'm very glad for the change. Jon and pktrek and the others are doing what seems to be an outstanding job here. You'll hear no complaints from this quarter! It's warm and sunny here in "Bama, about 80' or so, blue skies and all is well with the world. Except in New Orleans. I just got back a little while ago from the Crescent City and I was stunned by how widespread the devastation from Katrina is and how much of it remains. Abandoned, boarded up houses by the thousands, huge piles of rubble abound and even a number of exits from I-10 remain closed. All this 19 months after the fact! Isn't the Federal bureaucracy wonderful? Red tape takes on an entirely new meaning once you've visited a Federal "disaster" area. I think it probably started out white and became stained with ordinary people's blood. You have to wonder what the response would have been had Katrina hit Houston or even Galveston, given that the Prez hails from the Lone Star state. Think that recovery efforts would have been further along? I thought I'd heard enough about the storm and its effects but having finally seen it for myself? They can't do enough for the people who lost so much of their lives. In my opinion, the Federal effort to date has been an embarrassment if not an outright disgrace. But the man has more important things on his mind. Like how to divert attention from the ever growing number of American boys dying to protect our oil interests (which by the way fund terrorism if you stop and think about it) rather than providing incentives to develop alternative fuels or pull more of our own from the ground. But I digress (as is so often the case) so, thanks again for writing and I hope that you'll be happy here too! It's worth the trip!

With mixed emotions today,

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