The Worst U.S. President

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Is George the Worst ?

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The Worst U.S. President

Post by ken123 »

Well this is the forum for current events, so I shouldn't get into too much trouble for asking this Question - Is George Bush the Worst President in U.S. History ?
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Sue Sue Applegate
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Post by Sue Sue Applegate »

Bush is not the worst, but he is quickly plummeting to the downward spiral...
Republican advisors always want to help you put on the parachute, but rarely claim to give you the last push...

And I'm not fond of the leap that Billy, the talking head, made with Monica...
but if Hilly could have kept her man at home like she should have...

I'm of the Mercedes McCambridge- Giant frame of mind right now-once you brand a steer, it's nice to know he's still in the corral....

But the W is looking at an all-out range war...
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Kirk Guard Theory

Post by Moraldo Rubini »

I always thought Kirk Kerkorian was the worst president in the U.S. As president of MGM, he was responsible for dismantling the once great studio and reducing the corporation to little more than a hotel chain.
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Post by CharlieT »

I think it is generally accepted that the worst president was either James Buchanan or Warren Harding.

The view of the effectiveness of a President of the United States is colored by the events that occur during his administration and how he dealt with them. Many of the "better" ones had relatively quiet terms of office and those who are ranked as good to excellent or bad to terrible had major challenges to face.

We all know that Bush would have been a better President if he hadn't let Hurricane Katrina devestate New Orleans. And Lyndon Johnson would have been ranked with our Founding Fathers if JFK had extricated us from the morass of Vietnam that began under Eisenhower.

I usually don't get caught up in politics because I know that you can't (and shouldn't) force everybody to think the same way as you do. It doesn't matter to me if you are Liberal or Conservative or Moderate. I understand that you may not agree with me on certain issues and I am not upset that you have a differing opinion and wish to share it with others.

It is a cliche, but I do defend your right to say what you believe, even if I don't agree with it. After all, Bush is stupid, Ford was a clumsy oaf, and JFK and Clinton were sex fiends... or so many would have us believe.

They are all men who have the toughest job in the world and are held under the most powerful and unforgiving microscope.

Who is the worst President ever? I don't think anyone will ever know for sure. Certainly not me.
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Post by Hollis »

I've got you all beat! The worst was James Buchanan. The man was President and couldn't find a wife for crying out loud! What a loser he must have been. Further, nothing of note occurred during his presidency. Running a close 2nd would have to be Richard Millhouse Nixon. While he was possibly the best president we've ever had when it comes to foreign affairs, he did more to divide his own country than any other president ever did. He was the antithesis of Abraham Lincoln, who gave his life to preserve the Union.

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