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help start the new 3-D Museum in Los Angeles

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help start the new 3-D Museum in Los Angeles

Postby Richard--W » September 27th, 2014, 11:25 pm

Tombstone, Arizona Territory, 1880.

Eric Kurland, for many years the president of Stereo Club in L.A. has amassed a huge collection
of stereoscopic artifacts, including one of the largest archives of 19th century stereocards, an
original stereo 35mm film camera from the 1950s, 3-D film memorabilia and documentation,
videotapes of 1980s stereo TV broadcasts, original 3-D films, and much, much more. He is trying to
start the world's first 3-D museum where all the artifacts and technologies can be preserved and
exhibited. The museum will also attract the donations of other collectors as well teaching the
history of stereo. There will even be a 3-D screening room.

Please give what you can to Eric's crowdfunding campaign: ... useum#home

Tell everybody you know about it. This is IMPORTANT.


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