Sad news re: Moira Finnie

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Sad news re: Moira Finnie

Post by Lzcutter »

I so wish I didn't have to write this.
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Received news last evening that our beloved Moira Finnie, has passed away. She died last Friday evening of heart failure. Her sister Bridget announced the news on Moira's Facebook page.

Moira was one of a handful of posters who were on the TCM Message Boards from the very beginning. Back then, TCM City was more a bulletin board than a Message Board but she, along with Mongo (Banzai back then), SandyKPax, and Helenbaby, helped nurture the fledgling community.

When TCM upgraded to what has become these message boards, she was there to greet many of us who joined back in those halcyon days of the mid-2000s.

Her kindness, wit and fabulous writing, coupled with a generous spirit, was extraordinary. Her musings on the Classic Cinema College were a joy to read: ... a-college/

Due to login issues, which were often back then, she had a couple of different screen names but when the issues finally got worked out, she was Moira Finnie.

When it looked like TCM might shut down TCM City for good due to all of in-fighting, we brainstormed ideas of setting up a haven where the film discussion could continue.

At first, she tried Yahoo Groups but that didn't allow for the flow of ideas on a variety of subjects and films. We then reached out to Jon Parker and the Silver Screen Oasis was officially launched.

Her wide knowledge of film and film history was a joy to discover through her writings.

I know she regarded this group as something very special and would be surprised to learn that we regarded her as very special, too. If Champagne could talk and laugh, it would sound like Moira's voice.

She was the kindest, sweetest person I have known and I will miss her terribly.

I imagine Kyle, Robert O and Moira sitting in red leather booth, smiling, laughing, and discussing classic film.

Rest in Peace, dear friend and running mate.
Lynn in Lake Balboa

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Re: Sad news re: Moira Finnie

Post by movieman1957 »


After you sent me a note I knew I had to come here. Thankfully, you were here and wrote a moving tribute to her.

Moira was very helpful to me. After Kyle stepped down as moderator and put me up for replacement she was always very helpful, patient and supportive. I hope this place became everything she wanted it to be. I certainly love it.

One of my favorite exchanges with Moira involed an essay she wrote for TCM. In it, and reltively close together in the piece, she used the word "perspicacious" twice. I kidded her for doing it and I thought I had better learn it if it was worth the double exposure. (Of course, she hadn't intended it but shared a laugh over it.) It may still be the only time I have encountered the word. If I do again she is attached to it.

A gentle and thoughtful soul she could also be pretty strict here. This was a place for movies. It didn't mean you couldn't talk about other things but she didn't want this to become TCM CIty II. She had a gift for setting those who might stray somewhat to get them back in line. I think we avoided the TCM problems pretty weil.

Jon may have been the one that made this place work but Moira was the heart of it back then.

My thanks to you for sharing this here.

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Re: Sad news re: Moira Finnie

Post by clore »

This was terribly sad for me to discover on Twitter a month ago. I posted of it on Facebook as Moira was a friend there, here and the TCM boards. It's been a while since I've been around here, some health issues and the loss of my older son have cast a shadow over my activities. But I do wish to express my condolences to Moira's family and friends. i was glad to be among the latter.
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Re: Sad news re: Moira Finnie

Post by knitwit45 »

Moira was such a sweet soul. She and I kept in touch, albeit infrequently. When I didn’t see her on Facebook, I knew she was dealing with severe health issues, either hers or others in her family. I wish I had contacted her this last time. We always think we have the luxury of time. Hindsight is usually quite painful. I am glad her suffering, which she never made an issue, is over. Rest in peace, dear heart.
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