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A Sizzling Summertime at the Silver Screen Oasis

Watch this spot for postings in the near future about Future Guest Authors

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A Sizzling Summertime at the Silver Screen Oasis

Postby moira finnie » May 28th, 2015, 10:55 am


Wondering if there are any fireworks planned for the next few months at The Silver Screen Oasis? Well, the lineup we have planned touches on a remarkable array of players and people behind the scenes of classic film.

Mustn’t give away too much just yet, but some of our upcoming visitors will touch on film transitions from silents to sound, the impact of women on moviemaking, the flowering and dismantling of the studio system, as well as encounters with the likes of Cary Grant, Spencer Tracy, Joan Crawford, Stanley Kubrick, Michael Curtiz, Gloria Swanson, Nicholas Ray, and many more storied figures.

In other words, a panorama of movie history is coming our way. Please watch for more info as we get closer to the appearances of these generous authors in the next several weeks.

All are welcome!
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Re: A Sizzling Summertime at the Silver Screen Oasis

Postby Lzcutter » May 30th, 2015, 8:13 pm

Author Al Doshna (co-author of the new autobiography of actor Richard Anderson) will be our guest next weekend, June 6th and 7th. Stay tuned for an official announcement later this weekend!
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