Irene Dunne

Isn't Romantic Comedy redundant?

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Re: Irene Dunne

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I recall that my first approach with Irene was reading a book on stars by British author Ken Wlaschin where he stated that so many of Irene's films were remade and -up to that time, circa 1978- most of the original versions were not available. He also said that the remakes had not improved on the originals. I still have that beloved book; one of my first ever. Since then, she has always been a special favorite of mine due to her charm, talent, beauty and class. My grandmama used to say that her mother resembled her. Her skills at comedy, drama and musical films also impressed me.

Recently I bought a CD in which she sings many standards written by Jerome Kern, most of which she sang in her films (she's probably the movie star more identified with Kern's oeuvre). An excellent acquisition.
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