Five Golden Hours (1961)

Isn't Romantic Comedy redundant?

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Five Golden Hours (1961)

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Five Golden Hours (1961)

Aldo Bondi (Ernie Kovacs) is a pall bearer who as a sideline consoles rich widows. He has Three widows to “keep happy”. He tries to console another widow, Baroness Sandra (Cyd Charisse), but falls in love with her. Her late husband had a scheme for making money which is based on the time difference between Rome and New York. She gives a dinner for friends of her late husband who have been ripped off. Aldo acts as butler for her and hears of the scheme. The friends are to evict the Baroness and seize her house to recover the debt.

Aldo to the rescue. He cons his widows into parting with money, and pays the Baroness` debt so that she will not lose her house. The Baroness invites Aldo to return at 8 o`clock and she will show her gratitude. He returns with a bunch of flowers, but there is no answer. Looking through the window he sees that the furniture is covered. He goes around the house and finds another man with a bunch of flowers looking through a window.

He tries to kill off the three widows, but when he fails he is committed to an asylum. One of the widows dies and leaves him her fortune, but it can only be used to support him while he is in the asylum. If he recovers the fortune will go to the Catholic Church.

Aldo goes to the monastery and offers to “recover” for half the money. At first the Father decides that would be unethical, but decides half is better than none. Aldo pays off the other two widows who still want him to “keep them happy”. With the leftover he starts his own funeral service.

He approaches yet another widow, and when she lifts her veil it is the Baroness, who has just buried husband number six. Would she like to come in for a minute? She comes in and stays, the business name is changed to Aldo and Sandra Bondi Funeral Services, and then to Sandra Bondi Funeral Services.
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