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White House Down

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White House Down

Postby mrsl » March 24th, 2014, 4:27 pm




Loads and loads of violent shooting, guys getting beaten up, and planes, cars, and helicopters all blowing up, But what a fun movie this one is. Super Jamie Foxx is s real black president (Obama being half white), Channing Tatum becoming a hero and a father to his 12 year old daughter(Emily), and a return to the kind of work he did during Afghanistan, although the CIA doesn't think he's done enough to be eligible for active duty in their organization. LOL Since his daughter is an avid student of the White House and it's history, Tatum takes her on a group tour to see the things she's been reading about. While there, some undesirables manage to get in and take over; and the story starts there, until only POTUS, TATUM, and little Emily are left.

As I said there is a ton of violence in this one, but some directors and editors must have heard that people have seen enough of arms and legs flying through the air while blood and brain matter smudge the screen because if a violent scene can be done in good taste, these are. I tuned in about one hour into the film the other night but when I realized how much I missed, I set it up to record last night from the beginning and watched every bit of it. Because of the way things were done, of course I'm unfortunately pretty immune to a lot of violent stuff now, but still avert my eyes at times but never felt it necessary to cover my eyes at any time. It's a real rip rouser with a fine cast but I won't say who because as soon as I do, you'll know who the bad guys are.

In any case, I do recommend you order it on Netflix or your On Demand if available. You know how much I condemn violence and murder and mayhem, so figure it out . . . if I say get it, it must be worth it for an exciting Saturday night.

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