Bob Hoskins has died

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Bob Hoskins has died

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The British actor Bob Hoskins has died, not long after he retired from acting suffering from Parkinsons. He was 71

I first saw Bob as an unknown actor in series of short public information films, called On The Move where he played a removal man called Alf, who couldn't read or write. The series was to help other adults in the same situation to learn how to read and write.

Bob's first big break in the UK came with the tv musical Pennies From Heaven with Gemma Graven. However, it's for his movies he's best known like The Long Good Friday with Helen Mirren, Mermaids with Cher, Mona Lisa, Neverland and Made In Dagenhem
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Re: Bob Hoskins has died

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One of my favorite Stuart and he will be missed by all ... I loved his portrayal of Eddie Valiant in WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT back in 1988 is always a favorite of mine. I loved in MERMAIDS with CHER, NIXON, and MONA LISA will always have a place for me. As a hard of hearing man ... I find his voice rather pleasant and reassuring.
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Re: Bob Hoskins has died

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Sad news. I was lucky enough to see Bob in person at the National Theatre in London in GUYS AND DOLLS in the 1980s. He was wonderful as Nathan Detroit.
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Re: Bob Hoskins has died

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I only really know him from Roger Rabbit (didn't even know he was British!) but I enjoyed his performance there. Oh, and the unfortunate Mario Brothers. :) He was a pro and did the best he could with the material. RIP
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