Alec Baldwin

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Alec Baldwin

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Since I haven't seen that much of TCM of late, I didn't comment on Alec, but after hovering around to catch the TCM and SSO members in their private starring roles, I've also caught a little more of Mr. B. I can easily and frankly say this: either the man really is a big classic fan, or he does a darn good job of his homework for each movie. His comments are clear, and when he feels his statement is too involved, he tries to break it down into less 'inner circle' language. In guest appearances on other programs, he strikes me as a rather egotistical and 'know it all' type of guy, but he offers huge respect to RO and his opinions, often letting him take the lead in a discussion. So, whatever the reason for his knowledge, I hope he stays around for a while longer.

Any assents or dissents?


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Re: Alec Baldwin

Post by jdb1 »

Anne, I haven't seen every single Baldwin appearance, but what little I have seen has made a very positive impression on me. We have had many guest commentators tell us that they love a film, that it made such a great impression on them, but Baldwin has been very good in articulating just why he feels the way he does about a film. This is very good for new fans who need to understand what it is they are looking at, which always enhances appreciation. And if a viewer doesn't like something, perhaps Baldwin's comments will help the viewer to put his finger on what it is he does not like in a film, and will point the viewer toward something he might like better. TCM needs more of Baldwin, and guests like him.
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Re: Alec Baldwin

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I haven't seen any of his intros but I did catch the special where he interviewed Gene Wilder. (That was for TCM.) I enjoyed that program very much. The answer, Anne, may be he is both a fan and one who does his homework.

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Re: Alec Baldwin

Post by Birdy »

I enjoyed a couple of his intros, as well as his Wilder interview. I thought he presented in a way that was warm, informed and informative. I appreciate intros and wish we had them for every movie, even the silly little things that are my favorite fare.
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Re: Alec Baldwin

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Alec Bladwin is the new Essentials host, and his duties begin on May 6: ... 202071565/
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