2024 TCM Film Festival

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Re: 2024 TCM Film Festival

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Just got an e-mail that this year's festival is returning to the Egyptian after a long hiatus (due to the renovations there). For those unaware, the Egyptian is one of the few venues left that can screen nitrate prints.

They've announced screenings there of Annie Get Your Gun (35mm nitrate print), Lawrence of Arabia (new 70mm print) and The Searchers (new 70mm print). Hopefully they've secured the Egyptian as a full 3 day venue. The renovation looks great. The previous iteration was less than ideal.

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Re: 2024 TCM Film Festival

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Yes, kingrat! And the seats themselves were so uncomfortable. Several were broken and never seem to be repaired.
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Re: 2024 TCM Film Festival

Post by BagelOnAPlate »

It doesn't look like I'll be attending the 2024 Film Festival.

"Waaaaaaaaaaah!" {breaks into Lucille Ball imitation}

Last year my mom and my aunt surprised my cousin and me by treating us all to the festival and a stay in Hollywood and Santa Monica.
We all had a great time.
I hope to attend another TCM Film Festival in the future.

While none of this year's movies* that have been announced so far are screaming out to me that I must see them on the big screen, I would love to see a movie at the renovated Egyptian Theatre, an historic movie palace that opened during the silent film era.

* . . .although I do have a soft spot for National Velvet so seeing that in a cinema would be a treat. Also, as an Alfred Hitchcock fan the North By Northwest restoration sounds exciting as well as the 70th anniversary presentation of Rear Window.
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Re: 2024 TCM Film Festival

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I am excited to announce that I WILL be attending the TCMFF after all. I didn't think I'd be able to do so this year, because we went all out last year, but I ended up receiving media credentials. I applied on a lark and submitted the article I wrote on my blog last year about attending the festival and I was selected. Luckily, I was able to pick up a Classic pass for my husband and was able to get a hotel near the Roosevelt and plane tix. I'm so excited!
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