Favorite Type of Documentary

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Re: Favorite Type of Documentary

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was "mr6666" @ TCM
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Re: Favorite Type of Documentary

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Two of my favorite genres of documentaries reflect two of my longtime interests, rock music and sports...

Ken Burns' BASEBALL tapped a rockumentary for its soundtrack:

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Re: Favorite Type of Documentary

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Around the World in 80 Gardens (2008) is a documentary series hosted by Monty Don. He is the quintessential British gardener, author and gardening lifestyle presenter.

I like his documentaries very much. He has an easy style and soothing voice. He is able also to focus on things of interest to gardeners while avoiding both superficial and technical matters which might interest few people.

He hosts also: Gardeners' World(1968-) which is both gardening how-to and visits to exemplary gardens. I have love-hate relationship to that series because it is quite wonderful but features plants and materials which are not easily available outside the U.K. and represents a climate far more mild than where we currently live.

He hosted also: Big Dreams, Small Spaces (2014) which was garden makeovers. I like that in many ways despite it being quite inappropriate for our plans and hopes because it generally depicts what a splendid outdoor living space may be created in a three meter by five meter backyard on a five thousand Pound budget while we have a twenty-five yard by thirty yard area with a budget of $8.16
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