"JackFavell" It's Her Birthday

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"JackFavell" It's Her Birthday

Post by movieman1957 »

Just a chance for the folks here to wish our good friend a Happy Birthday.

Thanks for playing in our yard.

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Re: "JackFavell" It's Her Birthday

Post by knitwit45 »

Lost the last one in cyberspace...
anyway, Happy birthday, and here's a feller who dropped by to say "howdy"

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Re: "JackFavell" It's Her Birthday

Post by ChiO »

A BIG SSO Happy Birthday to you, featuring one of Mr. Johnson's finest and most memorable performances.

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Re: "JackFavell" It's Her Birthday

Post by Lzcutter »

Happy Birthday, Jacks!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday and Valentine's Day.

Thank you for bringing more Ben to the Oasis! All of us who adore him appreciate it!
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Re: "JackFavell" It's Her Birthday

Post by klondike »

May your day & night be filled with roses, chocolates, & bridle paths in the moonlight!
On my tally-rope, you're a top hand!
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moira finnie
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Re: "JackFavell" It's Her Birthday

Post by moira finnie »

This note was left on the SSO steps today. It must be for you!

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Re: "JackFavell" It's Her Birthday

Post by jdb1 »

The happiest of birthdays, JF, and thanks so much for bringing Ben to the party.

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Re: "JackFavell" It's Her Birthday

Post by Mr. Arkadin »

Hope it was a special one!

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Re: "JackFavell" It's Her Birthday

Post by mrsl »

This will be easy to remember, it's my grandsons birthday also, he's 16, what about you? :P :P :oops:

Have a great day.

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Re: "JackFavell" It's Her Birthday

Post by feaito »

Happy birthday Wendy! Hope you had a great one! :D :D :D :D
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Re: "JackFavell" It's Her Birthday

Post by Dewey1960 »

Happy Birthday, Wendy...from Dewey and Mrs. Dewey! (and Ben, of course)
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Re: "JackFavell" It's Her Birthday

Post by charliechaplinfan »

Happy birthday Wendy.
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Re: "JackFavell" It's Her Birthday

Post by Birdy »

Happy Birthday, Wendy
You're being here is a present to us.
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Re: "JackFavell" It's Her Birthday

Post by JackFavell »

Oh, my gosh! I'm so sorry.... I didn't see this till today!I am kind of ditzy when it comes to new threads.

Wow... I am so thrilled. You folks really know how to treat a girl right!

I am in heaven with all these Ben photos and clips... You guys are simply the top. The creme de la creme.

And how did you know I love the Muppet Show?

mrsl - I am somewhat past sixteen, but not in my heart.

I so appreciate how kind you all have been to me, letting me ramble on and on about Ben and other topics. Mostly I am thrilled to find such brilliant new friends. This place you have here is a godsend for those of us who have been stalked, bullied and otherwise abused elsewhere. You have a great community here with fantastic moderators. I am so glad I came here. It's like finding yourself in OZ. Thanks.

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Re: "JackFavell" It's Her Birthday

Post by CharlieT »

Happy Birthday, Wendy. I'm sorry I'm so late. My father-in-law died on the 14th and I have been busy helping my wife deal with getting everything in order. Coincidentally, my birthday was also on the 14th, as well as our wedding anniversary. Not exactly the trifecta one hopes for, but we are coping.
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